You know how it goes – you set off on vacation determined to have fun without draining your bank account. Three days later, you check your banking app and notice that your balance has dropped way, way further than you think it should have. Panicked, you go back through your receipts to make sure you haven’t been scammed – only to find all of the charges accounted for. In the end, you were the one to blame for the missing funds all along.


Traveling on a budget isn’t easy. With exorbitant hotel costs, pricey plane tickets, and price-gouging attractions, even a seemingly cheap trip can set you back hundreds of dollars. To save yourself the money and stress of a high-cost vacation, try these frugal tips!


Shop for Deals

Never go for the first deal you see, whether you’re shopping for hotels or plane tickets. Do some digging! Hotels are notoriously geared towards corporate budgets and often demand as much as $150 per night for a single room. Budget-conscious travelers should consider looking into renting a bed at a hostel or a room through Airbnb. These may not be quite as private as a typical hotel room, but they provide a vibrant experience and set you in proximity to travelers and locals who know the best places to check out while you’re in the area.


Travel Light

Airlines love slipping hidden fees into their deals. Read the fine print when you look over luggage policies – if you aren’t careful, your checked bag could set you back as much as $50! If you plan on a short trip, try to limit your packing to a single carry-on bag.


Avoid tourist traps

There’s no getting around it: famous landmarks are expensive. Those who run tourist traps such as the Eiffel Tower and London Eye know that visitors travel from far-flung countries to visit and know that people will pay for the experience even if the cost is high. If you plan to visit a popular destination, you might have to swallow the cost. However, you may be able to save money by finding less-popular and more-affordable locations in the area. These hidden gems are often more interesting than common destinations anyway!


Take Advantage of Free Offers

Sometimes, there is such a thing as a free lunch – or, in the case of a hostel, breakfast. Don’t throw away money on an overpriced bagel if your accommodation offers free food! On a similar note, check in with your hostel’s welcome desk to find find low-cost attractions such as walking tours and fitness classes.


Limit Shopping

Be honest – how many knicknacks do you really need? Limit your spending to a handful of mementos, and don’t blow your budget on a pricey purchase that you’ll regret!