There’s something special about the slopes after a snowstorm. The snow looks pristine and inviting, promising a perfect day for snowboarders, skiers, and cross-country trailblazers. The sheer excitement and rush of flying downhill on perfect, powdery snow just can’t be beat by anything else. With the onset of a warmer April just a week away, the 2017-2018 ski season is winding down. But even as this season draws to a close, I’d like to look forward to the thrill of the next one. Here, I list a few of the best ski resorts in the country. Do yourself a favor, and put one (or two!) on your winter vacation checklist!


Jackson Hole


Jackson Hole is beautiful. It stands between the Grand Teton National park and expansive stretches of nationally-protected forest in Wyoming; seen from above, the view can’t be beat. Beyond the slopes, Jackson Hole is host to a variety of art and performance venues and offers countless opportunities for entertainment to those who visit.




Breckenridge has grown a long way from its roots as an old mining town, but it still keeps its friendly charm! With its thriving downtown and dramatic slopes, the area attracts hordes of enthusiastic skiers every year and is one of the best-known skiing areas in the United States. Breckenridge hosts over 180 trails spanning almost 3,000 acres of snowy terrain, leaving even returning skiers with paths to explore.


Park City


Park City is best-known for hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics, but it hasn’t sat on its laurels. Its Utah Olympic Park still sees regular use by major athletes, including those on the United States Ski Team. However, the area is great for novices and hobbyists as well; the region is home to multiple resorts and offers a lot of opportunities for off-slope entertainment. The internationally-acclaimed Sundance Festival, for example, takes place in Park City every January.



The Telluride Ski Resort is enormous. Over 140 trails wind through its grounds, and the mountain boasts a 4,425-foot, near-vertical drop. This Colorado ski hub isn’t for beginners – however, it can offer a great experience to serious athletes and thrill seekers. Unlike some of the other resorts mentioned here, Telluride doesn’t lean towards upscale performance centers or art venues to draw a crowd; with it’s thrill-seeking culture and warm atmosphere, it’s exciting enough on its own. Vacation-goers can expect a fun, vibrant, and wholeheartedly thrilling time on and off the slopes.


Lake Tahoe


On a good weekend, the resort a Lake Tahoe might see over 200,000 visitors. The region offers great ski slopes, miles upon miles of hiking trails, a thriving downtown, and incredible views. However, this popularity comes at a price: lodgings can get pricey during peak season, and should be reserved well in advance.