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With a businessman father who is also a recreational private pilot, media maven Nelson Lewis has been exposed to flying and leisure travel since he was a young child. His father used to take Nelson and his friends and family on trips across the south and Caribbean. Athens, Georgia, home of the Georgia bulldogs, was one of their most frequented cities, especially during college football season.


Another popular spot was Boca Raton, where he spent four years in undergraduate studies.  Abacos in the northern Bahamas was another one. This constant exposure to travel and aviation had a great influence on the young Nelson, who is currently working to get his private pilot license.

One of Nelson’s favorite places to travel is Elbow Cay in the Bahamas.  This small island is known for its friendly populace, good food, beautiful beaches and prime scuba diving locations.  The island is comprised primarily of American second or third home owners who enjoy its remote location.  Elbow is the perfect escape from the main island touristy feel of Nassau or Grand Bahama.   His favorite place to dive and snorkel is Sandy Cay off of Hopetown.  The signature food on the island is conch.  If you don’t like or are allergic to conch, you may as well skip coming to Elbow.

Adventures Abroad

Growing up, Nelson Lewis was able to travel all around the world to places such as the Baltic, Scandinavia, Berlin, London, Paris, the south France, Spain, much of Latin America, China and Italy.  Frequent travel and exposure to such vast arrays of cultures and languages were building blocks for Nelson’s global perspective, which in turn fueled his interest in politics and journalism.

When he was in college, Nelson lived abroad, studying  in Dublin for the summer of 2004 at the American College Dublin, a sister institution to Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL.  Here he took courses on European literature, European economics and travel writing.  After finishing his summer courses in Dublin, Nelson traveled to Salzburg, and from there spent a month in northern Italy by way of Lucerne, Switzerland to then subsequently meet his brother, sister, parents, and extended family in Venice where they set sail on the Adriatic and Aegean Seas, and ultimately the Bosporus, where he visited the city of Istanbul.  One of his favorite parts of that trip was being in two continents in one day, having breakfast in the Asian part of the city and lunch on the European.  Growing up, Nelson Lewis and his family went on many similar trips throughout the globe by way of the sea, normally during summertime,  including the inside passage of Alaska, the St. Lawrence River, the Mediterranean and Baltic seas, Hong Kong, Macau, and most of central America.

Hobbies and Pastimes


One of Nelson Lewis’ favorite pastimes is snow skiing.  Growing up, Nelson was fortunate enough to make annual trips to skiing destinations in the Rockies, including Deer Valley, Lake Tahoe and his favorite mountain, Vail.  He first hit the mountain at age 4 and will always be thankful to his parents for putting him on skis at such a young age.  Learning alpine downhill skiing early is optimal as muscles never seem to forget what it feels like to ski down a mountain.

In the upcoming year, Nelson plans to take flying lessons and get his private pilot’s license for high-performance single-engine turbine aircraft, so that he can visit more of the world on his own terms.

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