Winter has well and truly come around again. As the weather cools and the turn of the new year approaches, more and more people begin to look forward to the holiday – and think of how they can use up their last few days of paid time off. In past posts, I’ve made suggestions for the best travel destinations across the globe and encouraged my readers to think internationally about their vacation plans. But this year, why not consider a few places closer to home? Oftentimes, travelers get so wrapped up in their plans to get away that they overlook the places that aren’t across an ocean. Below, I’ve listed a few great places in the United States to consider for a winter travel destination – enjoy!


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Everyone gets excited about the first snowfall of the season, but who enjoys the fifth or sixth icestorm that rolls around? You don’t have to spend the winter in a freezing house – go to the beach! Or, more specifically, go to a beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Warm, affordable, and wonderfully relaxing, San Juan is the perfect place to kick back and take a break from the winter chill.


New Orleans, Louisiana

If you haven’t been to New Orleans in the winter, you’ve been missing out; the city has fantastic Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. Plus, the hotel rates are lower and restaurants less crowded, making the city a great destination for pragmatic tourists.


Salt Lake City, Utah

Who doesn’t love the exhilaration of skiing down a mountain slope? Visitors to Salt Lake City can take in the gorgeous mountain views and enjoy walking downtown. Those interested in skiing and snowboarding but want to stick to a budget should consider staying in the city – it’s only a half-hour drive to the slopes!


Savannah, Georgia

As a longtime resident of Savannah, I admit that I might be biased on this one. Steeped in history and culture, Savannah is a beautiful city to visit and live in. Travelers can enjoy its warm weather and – in the winter – thin crowds as they enjoy its vibrant downtown.


Denver, Colorado

If you like winter sports, head to Denver. The city is a hub for enthusiast and amateur skiers, snowboarders, skaters, and sledders alike, and is perfectly positioned as a base for those planning day trips to the slopes.


Sedona, Arizona

This might seem like an odd choice, but stay with me! Sedona isn’t a bustling metropolis by any means, but it does have easy access to winding hiking trails and high-reaching sandstone formations. Those who want to take a few days to step out of city life and enjoy reconnecting with nature should consider Sedona as a travel destination.