While Georgia is the United State’s number one producer of peaches, peanuts and Vidalia onions, the southern state has plenty more to offer. The capital city Atlanta holds the Georgia Aquarium and the Coca-Cola Museum. Savannah is known for its beautiful 18th- and 19th-century architecture and well-manicured parks. And, Augusta hosts the Masters Golf Tournament each year. While the state has plenty of well-known attractions, it’s also filled with tons of hidden gems. Check out these four must-see spots throughout the state.


The Tree that Owns Itself

In Athens lives a tree that owns its own property. After the death of its owner, William H. Jackson, the original tree was granted a plot of land 8 feet in radius. Unfortunately, the tree was knocked down during a windstorm in 1942. But, residents of the city planted a seedling of the tree in the same spot to honor Jackson’s wish. The tree is now known as the “Son of the Tree that Owns Itself.”


Georgia Guidestones

A mysterious monument meant to guide humanity into “an Age of Reason” stands in Elberton. The monument was ordered by a man under the pseudonym R.C. Christian. He gave specific instructions that no one should know his true identity or what group he represented. After completion of the monument in 1980, he ordered that all plans for the monument be destructed. The stones offer ten guidelines for re-establishing the planet and society, engraved in eight different languages.


Stone Mountain Park

Not far from Atlanta lies Stone Mountain, a 1,686 feet mountain featuring a rock relief monument to Confederate figures Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. The park features beautiful hiking trails, a railroad, an aerial tramway, and lush picnicking spots. Once an important meeting place for the Creek Confederation and the Cherokees, the mountain was purchased by the state of Georgia in 1958. The memorial measures 76 feet by 158 feet and covers 1.57 acres, making it the largest bas-relief sculpture in the world.


The Paris Market

The Paris Market was started by a speech pathologist and an emergency physician who love travel. The market takes inspiration from flea markets around the world, namely Milan, Rome, the English countryside, London wharves, and Holland. Containing everything from taxidermy to children’s toys, this shop is great for finding unique pieces that serve as conversation starters or gifts.