I can’t think of a better place to spend a spring than in Savannah, Georgia. As a Savannah native, I might be a little biased – but I have good reason to be! As the spring months move into full swing, Savannah climbs to the peak of its natural beauty. The weather is perfect, the flowers beautiful, and the weekend scene ramps up to a ten. Whether you decide to come for a day, a weekend, or a full week, vacationers in the South should definitely take advantage of all Savannah has to offer in the springtime months. Below, I outline just a few of the many attractions hosted by my hometown in the upcoming months. Enjoy your stay!


St. Patrick’s Day Festival

Say what you will about Savannah, but we know how to throw a good party. Our Saint Patrick’s Day festivities are renowned across the country. We typically kick off the day by hosting the second-largest parade in the States, then extend our celebrations into the evening with an enormous festival that runs from the parade’s finish at two until midnight.


Savannah Music Festival

Sure, you may have been to a regional musical festival – but you haven’t experienced a music festival until you come to Savannah’s springtime celebrations. The Savannah Music Festival is a 17-day event which applauds a wide range of genres and artists through an extensive itinerary of an events. If you visit during the spring, you can also partake in the Savannah Stopover Music Festival, wherein hundreds of bands pause on their way to Austin, Texas to perform for Savannah music lovers.


Annual Tour of Homes and Gardens

Did you know that Savannah has one of the largest historic districts in the United States – and that you can take your own self-guided tour through its gilded homes and beautiful gardens? During the spring, Savannah’s historical society opens some of its beautiful old residences to public view and enjoyment.


Explore the Riverwalk

Take a walk through town! The lively Riverwalk winds through Savannah and is home to wonderful restaurants, charming stores, and all sorts of entertainment offerings.


Enjoy the Flowers

If you plan to enjoy the climate at its best and take in the flowers, you should visit in the spring – preferable in mid-March. Then, you can enjoy the sight of blooming azaleas and other flowering plants in Savannah’s squares, parks, and the famous Bonaventure Cemetery.


Take a Riverboat Cruise

If you have the time to take a Riverboat cruise, you should board immediately. These cruises will treat you to views of the Savannah river and historic Savannah itself. If you would like, you can also sign up to enjoy dinner and/or lunch on deck. It’s a wonderful way to pass a relaxing evening.