Football season is now in full swing (go Dawgs!).  As an SEC fan, I’m getting ready for some serious tailgating.  If you’re driving somewhere in the Southeastern Conference for a game, and need a place nearby to get some good southern BBQ, here are places near each... read more
Celebrating St. Patricks’ Day in Savannah

Celebrating St. Patricks’ Day in Savannah

Savannah, and Georgia as a whole, has a long connection with Ireland.  In the early years of Georgia, much of the backcountry was settled by Northern Irish immigrants of Scottish and English descent.  Later on in the 19th century, Savannah’s prominence as a major port... read more
The Caribbean’s Emerald Isle

The Caribbean’s Emerald Isle

St. Patrick’s Day has symbolized various things throughout history: the conversion of the native Irish to Christianity, a way for Irish immigrants to celebrate their heritage, an excuse to get drunk off green beer, etc.  Yet on the tiny Caribbean island of Montserrat,... read more

An Ideal Fall Getaway!

Though Summer might be over, that doesn’t mean the vacation has to end! Autumn offers ideal weather conditions for a quick weekend getaway. Be the fall festivals and harvest fairs or simply the picturesque fall foliage, there’s no better time for a getaway than now!... read more

Argentina on a Budget

Argentina has a reputation for being expensive, thanks to dangerous levels of inflation caused by economic depression and mismanagement.  In a country that was once such a bargain, doing Argentina on a budget now seems a lot more difficult.  Yet while it’s expensive,... read more

Brazil’s Major Scandal

When it comes to political scandals, often something along the lines of Bill Clinton or Richard Nixon.  But down south in Brazil, a political scandal is unfolding that feels more like a soap opera than news.  The scandal has tainted more than half of Brazil’s national... read more

The World’s Most Dangerous Cities

If you ever find yourself with the travel bug, it’s now easier than ever to visit almost anywhere you want to in the world.  Yet dangerous conditions mean that not all parts of the world are places you want to visit.  Yet certain dangerous places double as tourist... read more

A Ski Trip To Iran

Thinking about great places to ski, there are sure to be a few that will immediately come to mind: Austria, Colorado, maybe even Japan.  But what about Iran?  It might sound odd, but I recently came across an article about a small area in Iran’s Alborz Mountains, not... read more

California’s Forgotten Tongue

If you’re traveling through northern California’s Anderson Valley and stop at a diner or gas station, you might hear a handful of elderly men using phrases that sound a little bizarre: “ilden pike to the chilgoory nook”, “a hoot hoot jim sheet”, “deke on bonny tonker... read more

16 Winter Vacation Destinations

Although the weather has been bouncing around, winter has finally come.  Whether you’re looking for a good ski trip or want to check out a tropical island to escape from the cold, there are luckily plenty of great winter getaways located right in the US.  Listed below... read more